Why Longevity Medical Consulting?

Aging is the strongest risk factor for many diseases likely to afflict us in our 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. But advances being made in traditional medical care tend to be more high tech, thus more expensive, and more invasive – especially the older we get. Instead, what if we prioritized staying healthy, physically strong and mentally sharp thereby relying on an absolute minimum of medical care?

Longevity science is the “new frontier” of medicine.

In his masterful book “Lifespan: Why We Age- And Why We Don’t Have To” Harvard Professor David Sinclair, one of the most prolific researchers in the area of aging, asks, “What if, in our 60’s, we weren’t fretting about leaving a legacy but beginning one? What if we didn’t have to worry that the clock was ticking?” What he’s pointing to is the idea that if we could delay physiological aging at the cellular level, we can decrease or delay many of the afflictions associated with old age such as heart disease, cancer, and dementia.

Longevity Medicine is harkening in a new era in our understanding of aging, and how certain behaviors such as lifestyle practices, patterns of thinking, and sleep quality can affect how quickly or slowly we age. The goal of this new field is to illuminate the path that allows us to stay as intact and functional for as long as we can. It is not to aspire to immortality or deny death but to maximize health and quality of life as we grow older.

The Longevity Medical practitioner evaluates your genomic “script” using powerful computing systems that utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) to cull through the genetic code in your DNA looking for patterns or indicators associated with specific health conditions that you may be prone to as you age. While we are seemingly peering ahead at your future, genomic analysis is not a diagnostic tool. It acts more like a decision support tool. By analyzing hundreds of genes and their pathways, we can survey likely future health challenges and design a path forward.

The person who undertakes this deep dive into their physiology must be motivated, willing to change their habits, and understands the importance of longevity thinking. Personalized Longevity Medical Consulting is about you taking control of your future health, optimizing your aging journey and living to your fullest potential.