Longevity Medical Consultation

What is Longevity Medical Consulting?

Longevity Medical Consulting lays out a health map that plants seeds for a more invigorating later life or longer “healthspan.” With genomic technology at our fingertips and a solid medical understanding of your body’s terrain we customize a health plan to optimize and accommodate your personal physiological and genomic strengths and weaknesses.

Is Longevity Medical Consulting for me?

Longevity Medical Consulting is for those who feel generally well, but still want to turn their attention to their health journey over the next 20 years, and want to avoid a slow, painful decline. The ideal patient is interested in identifying and proactively mitigating over time health challenges that could emerge down the line. They are willing to make changes and make their health a priority. The goal for every patient is to minimize the need for medical interventions and maximize their energy and productivity for as long as possible.

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“Aging results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time.”

—World Health Organization

“Aging results from the impact of the accumulation of a wide variety of molecular and cellular damage over time.”

—World Health Organization

How does Longevity Medical Consulting work?

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    We initiate testing through the premium service IntellxDNA™. We run their Executive Combination Report, which outlines brain optimization and medical overview panels and pathways – with over 600 SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms, pronounced “snips”). This report is delivered 6-8 weeks after administration.

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    Ordered through Labcorp (or Quest), we will run some routine labs that assess cardiovascular risk, dementia risk, hormone levels, certain vitamin and mineral levels, glucose and insulin labs, and others as needed.

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    We will conduct a review of your intake form, which collects family history, medical history, supplements, medications, lifestyle and goals.

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    You and Dr. Leventhal will have a two-hour consultation. Jenn Lowenfish, HVFM’s Health Coach, will sit in on the last half hour to go over our assessment and recommendations and assist you in creating an action plan.

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    Follow up

    4-6 weeks after your consultation Dr. Leventhal will recap and review your longevity plan, answer questions and provide guidance in carrying out recommendations.

    Cost: $2,130

Are there additional costs?

Your genomic labs are included in the initial Longevity Medical Consultation fee but we also require a panel of blood tests, ordered through Labcorp (or Quest Labs). This is an additional cost unless your insurance covers it. We can’t guarantee that your insurance won’t require lab deductibles or cover everything. In an effort to minimize your out of pocket cost, you are welcome to bring us lab results taken within the year, and we can order only what’s missing. There is an option for a comprehensive panel, or a more pared-down panel, which we will explain.

What if I need more assistance?

Additional medical and coaching follow up is available as needed. We anticipate that some of our patients will want referrals to other providers such as a trainer, nutritionist, pilates coach, neurofeedback, Sleep Medicine consultation, or other service. We will facilitate connecting you to those providers.

What Longevity Medical Consulting is not

Longevity medicine is not about immortality or living until age 200. Rather, Longevity Medical Consulting is about developing a health action plan that supports “disease avoidance” or “disease delay,” to create a later life that is full of mental acuity and physical energy, and is as productive and deeply rewarding as possible.

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